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Make the most of your shelf space with a point of purchase (POP) display. These are the signs that help you encourage your customers to make purchases while they are browsing your store. These signs are the marketing materials and advertisements that are placed next to the product or service it is promoting. You often see these signs located in the checkout area where many impulsive purchasing decisions are made.

Point of purchase displays can be simple informational signs, or they can be a more elaborate display themed around your product. The look and feel of the display is tailored to whatever product is being marketed and how you want to present your product to customers. In some cases, it can highlight an area of the retail shop to create a “store within a store” concept. This allows certain products under a specific promotion or relevant to an upcoming holiday to be easy to find and purchase.

In fact, studies have shown that even regular-priced items have outperformed sale/clearance products by 18% when found near a display or sign that is effective. They also make your busier shopping seasons easier – they are easy-to-spot and answer consumer questions without having to involve your busy store associates.

Catch Their Eye with a Point of Purchase Display

A point of purchase display is an excellent marketing tool for retailers across all industries – from grocery stores to retail shops. Whether you are promoting a sale or a seasonal product, your customers are looking for well-designed displays and enticing signage. Signarama Richmond Hill’s sign experts can guide you from concept to installation – walking you through the process of designing on-brand signs bound to make an impact as point of purchase displays.

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