Making a fake wood sign with 3d lettering

25 October, 2023 by Stacy

general steps to making a faux wood sign with 3d letters on top
1. buy a nice stock photo for a wood grain you like
2. print this photo to the size of your sign on vinyl and laminate
3. use aluminum panel cut to size you want, round the corners, apply vinyl to face
4. cut acrylic lettering to size and thickness you want for your sign
5. print a drill pattern on paper to apply your letters
6. drill your mounting holes to your pattern into the sign
7 apply short pins to the back of your letters based on the pattern
8 place the letters onto the sign face through your holes and use spacers if you want to keep the letters off the surface for more 3d look, use a nut on the back to secure the letters
9 drill holes on the corners to mount the signs, can use standoffs or other types of mounting products
10 install!

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