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When you are looking for a more temporary, transferable solution, vehicle magnets are perfect for transforming your vehicle into a billboard for your business. They give you the flexibility to brand your current car or truck with multiple personalities. When you are just starting your business, or use various vehicles on the job, magnets give you the freedom you need along with an affordable option to transform your car – easy as 1, 2, 3.

The benefit of vehicle magnets is that they are just as effective as other vehicle graphics without the long-term commitment. The size and design of your vehicle magnet is completely up to you. Signarama Etobicoke’s team of knowledgeable designers transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard to help reach thousands of potential new customers. Whether your vehicle is a sedan, truck, SUV or van, a magnet is customized to fit your exact needs, both literally and physically.

We work with you to determine what information is best to fit your business’s needs – whether it is your logo, your store location, a new promotion, or your contact information, we can help create the perfect design. For a fraction of the price of a newspaper or bus stop ad, you can use a vehicle magnet that has been proven to be more effective than even billboards.

Transform Your Car, Truck or Van with Signarama Etobicoke Vehicle Magnets

Whether you are looking for one small magnet for the driver’s side door or a larger one to embody the majority of the vehicle, Signarama Etobicoke experts work with you from idea to execution. From broadcasting your logo to sharing your phone number, vehicle magnets will update your car and become a highly effective advertising tool. Contact your local Signarama Etobicoke team to start designing your vehicle magnet today!

Let Signarama Etobicoke help you design, create and install
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