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Are you looking to make a big impact and get the most bang for your buck? Then lighted signs are the way to go. Lighted signs not only allow you to attract the attention of passersby, during the day or night, they also give you the opportunity to incorporate your brand colours, fonts, and logo. When choosing the right type of lighted signs for your business, Signarama Vancouver offers a variety of options and ideas to help you make a decision.

There are actual benefits to installing modern lighted signs such as lightboxes and LED backlit signs for your business. They are eco-friendly because quality LEDs can last as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This also makes them low maintenance as they can last up to seven years so re-installation is not as frequent. They are also extremely eye-catching due to their brightness – making their appearance more impressive to customers.

Signarama Vancouver also offers custom neon signs to meet your lighted sign needs. Neon signs are made of glass tubes filled with a gas (often neon gas) and bent into whatever letter or shape as the design dictates. Commonly used in the restaurant and bar industry as well as hotels and convenience stores, there is a real nostalgia that comes along with neon signs.

Light the Way with Signarama Vancouver’s Lighted Signs

Signarama Vancouver has a team of sign experts who have experience working with a diverse array of clients. Because of our vast experience, we know what questions to ask you to ensure you end up with the right sign for your business based on industry type and geographic location. Whether you need a bright neon sign or a lightbox, you?ll be given a variety of options and all the pros and cons for both options will be clearly identified for you. There are clear benefits to each type of lighted sign so you really can?t go wrong! Let Signarama Vancouver help you light the way to better business! From concept to installation, Signarama Vancouver is your partner in making your business stand out.

Signarama Inc. does not perform or offer to perform electrical sign work. All Signarama sign centers are independently owned and operated. It is the responsibility of each Signarama sign center to comply with the licensing and regulation code requirements regarding electrical work and sign installation in their city, municipality and/or province/territory.

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