Why You Should Get Signage for Your Company

27 June, 2023 by Zahira Freites-Rengifo

No matter how brand new or well-established your company is, and no matter how excellent your services are or how easy your shop is to browse through online, it will never reach the level of success you are aiming for if people don't know it exists. Signage both physical and digital is the key to announcing to the world that your company is available and open for business. It must answer the basics in a very short amount of time: who you are, what you offer, where and when you can be reached, how it's best to reach you, and why you're the top pick. There is a great deal that goes into good signage for business purposes, and here's why to get signage for your company now and not any later.

Establish Your Brand
Everything about your brand matters, from its core values to its driving purpose. Signage that's all about your brand will send out the lasting image of your company that you want to present to your customers. It needs to articulate who you are, what you represent, and of course what you have to sell or offer in terms of products or services.

Create Your Desired Impact
Colours have a profound psychological impact on the customer's mind. The power of a name goes hand in hand with that impact. What do you think when you hear of the branded words such as Apple, or White Spot, or Best Buy for example? You probably think of the names and colours associated with them, and that's all thanks to the signage they produce both offline and online.

Colours such as red are typically connected to excitement or vibrancy, while blue can have a more calming effect on the mind. What kind of impact do you want to leave on your customers in terms of colours? Examining the colour wheel and what each shade represents is always worth exploring during your signage's creation process. From there, you can discover the impact you want to leave on customers both familiar and unfamiliar with your company.

Communicate Your Messages Effectively
Signage does a great deal more than simply announcing the name of your company. In fact, one study has articulated how significantly signage can make or break a physical brick-and-mortar building's success in the long-term.

With the use of signage, you're not only announcing who you are, you're also announcing to customers how to find you and what you can do for them, as well as providing a price (if applicable).

Investing in high-quality custom signage will engage prospective customers through unique and effective signs, crystal clear in its messages, will capture people’s attention, will have more impact on your customers, will be more attractive and increase your visibility.

Doing the Hard Work of Promotion for You
Promotion takes time and effort, and that's normally something business owners really don't have when so much else needs to be done to ensure things are running smoothly. Professionally crafted signage can be made available to customers 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That's the power of signage right there: it's allowing you to focus on the finer details of running your business without having to focus on the task of promoting your company. The signage does that for you, whether off or online.

Want Great Signage? Hire the Best
If you find your company is in need of proper, professional signage both physical and digital, you can't go wrong with hiring Signarama Tri Cities. We've served businesses with their promotions and advertising since 2010. If your company resides in Vancouver BC's Tri-Cities, look no further than our Port Coquitlam branch for your needs. Call today for a quote.

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