The quality & condition of your business signs create your customer's first impression

27 June, 2023 by Zahira Freites-Rengifo

Research has shown that the quality and condition of the exterior signage of a business has the power to attract customers and make a lasting impression.

Building signs are often the first interaction a customer has with your business or brand – they often serve as your customer’s first impression of your business. They serve as a visual communication for your brand and can draw customers in.

Building signs can be used both on the interior and exterior of your building and create a memorable experience for your guests. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs and many building signs are also illuminated.

Illuminated building signs - Channel Letters - add an additional dimension to your signage, making an even greater impact on your business.

If your business needs an overhaul, a new building sign is the first step to creating a positive customer experience.

Serving numerous purposes – from showcasing the business name and logo at the side of the road to helping customers find their way through the parking lot – building signs help to ensure a smooth customer experience. For instance, a hospital might need a directional sign to show where parking for a specific department lies. Similarly, informational signage notifies a new customer of your business’s services and products.

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