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Do you have a retail shop or restaurant? Then it is time for you to take advantage of a distinct and unique advertising opportunity – an awning. Awnings are timeless and can add a classic charm or a bold contemporary look. These are available in many different colours, sizes, and shapes, Signarama Richmond’s versatile awning graphics create a powerful marketing visual for your building or storefront. Stylized awnings accentuate your business’s branding and can extend your business’s overall marketing footprint. 

Awnings are truly multi-functional – they protect your doors and windows, provide shade when it’s warm, protect your customers from the rain, and offer a safe haven for passersby when it is snowing. Awnings also have the opportunity to create a sidewalk café element to your restaurant, increasing your table count or providing you with the perfect place for outdoor displays or sidewalk sales. The big plus is that with customized graphics, your awnings come alive:

  • Creating a high-visibility marker for your location 
  • Setting your business apart from others in the area
  • Giving your location a welcoming and upscale appeal

Designed to withstand weather conditions, Signarama Richmond awning graphics can be customized to optimally display your logo, tag lines, and company slogans, while incorporating custom images that resonate with your business’s identity. Most awnings last five to 10 years if properly maintained and can be repaired or “reskinned” to extend their life for many additional years. 

For Custom Awning Graphics, We’ve Got You Covered

Using the colours, fonts, and images that align with your brand, Signarama Richmond awning graphics always work for your business. Not sure what kind of awning graphic will work best for your business? Signarama Richmond’s sign experts have the experience to show you what’s possible for your business.

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