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Wraps: Vehicle or Otherwise

July 13, 2018 2:16 pm

The secret to that is:

  • Be clever and efficient in your use of space, and
  • Get the most out of your advertising campaign.

Nothing quite ticks all those boxes like the successful use of an advertising wrap, and Signarama in Peterborough are the leaders in vinyl wrap advertisements.

What Is A Wrap?

A wrap is a non-permanent piece of advertising that can be applied to almost any surface. It is a printed piece of vinyl that can be applied and removed with relative ease. The vinyl can be printed with whatever you’d like on it. It is a cheap alternative to traditional billboards and more effective than other print ads.

Vehicle Wraps

What is better than a billboard? A billboard that moves! Vehicle wraps catch the eyes of potential customers everywhere they go. They are an inexpensive but high exposure form of advertising. Whether it is a bus, car, boat or aircraft, we can wrap it with whatever you want. Your vehicle is your free advertising real estate.

Building Wraps

Billboards are expensive as they take up space. Instead of hiring a plot of land specifically for the purpose of advertising, why not use your already existing real estate more effectively. A vinyl wrap can turn your building into a billboard of the services you provide. And a vinyl wrap need not stop at buildings. Walls, floors, doors and ceilings - you name it, and we can wrap it.


Now in our 14th year, Signarama in Peterborough has serviced the Ontario area with every form of sign, billboard, banner and vinyl wrap imaginable. Our team is experienced and efficient, and we take pride in our customer service. We have a team of consultants standing by and ready to talk to you. So, contact us today!