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Tricks of the Trade Show: Top 10 Ways to Attract Attention

January 30, 2018 6:58 am

Every business knows that the leads generated and contacts made at trade shows can be invaluable to your company’s future success. But, how do you get the attention of the right people when you attend a trade show or other similar event?

Here are our top 10 tips for getting the most exposure at your next trade show or event.

    1. Plan out your design
      This may sound simple; however, it can be easy to dismiss proper planning. Sit down with employees and break down the purpose of your booth and how you intend on meeting your goals.
    2. Keep your booth’s design in tune with your brand
      When designing the look for your trade show booth, keep your brand’s image and message in mind. Although you will want to stand out and make a lasting impression, consistency with your overall branding is important. Color choices, font choices, the spacing and sizing of your message must be considered for the most cohesive design that grabs the attention of everyone walking thetrade show floor.
    3. “No Hassle” Area
      Plan on including an area where guests can engage with products on their own, without a salesperson. This is important for guests to feel free and not hassled. Not sure how to do this? Take a look at the next tip!
    4.  Digital Signage
      Keep up with the times! Including digital signage is a great way to include a lot of information while using very little space. By including digital signage, you not only attract the eye of those walking by, but you can put these in your “no hassle” area. Give guests the option to scroll through your products, read reviews of your services, or access your website.
    5. Social Media
      In addition to accessing your website, it’s critical that you post your social media information as well, whether or not you decide to include digital signage. Business cards are becoming outdated very quickly, as pretty much every guest uses and relies on smart devices. Invite guests to follow you on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and you will find staying connected with them much easier. Encourage the use of your brand’s hashtags if they are posting on their social media during the trade show.
    6. Flows naturally
      Make sure your trade show display flows well; it should feel natural. You can be creative with how you lead guests in, through and out of your display or booth by using directional floor graphics.
    7. Bold and BrightThough your trade show display’s design can be minimalistic, this doesn’t mean you should skip attractive colors and bold statements. Make your display stand out by implementing lighting, rich colors and modern fonts. The aesthetics of your booth provide the first impression and say a lot about who your business is and what you have to offer.
    8. Offer unusual promotional productsMany companies pass out promotional products at trade shows, and with good reason. It’s easy for guests to feel instantly appreciated and drawn to a business that has already given them something. However, try to make your promotional products stand out from the usual pens and notebooks. Try to pick out a promotional product that is aligned with your business’s theme, products or services. Think outside the box
    9. Expert Booth HostAn attractive display is important, but not the only element when it comes to being successful at a trade show. Make sure the employee manning your trade show booth is qualified to do so; they should be charismatic as well as knowledgeable about your products and services. They should be dressed to impress and the rest of the team should be ready to jump in when appropriate
    10. Boast about “As Seen On” examples or “Companies We Work With”If your business’s products have been successful with several customers, boast about it! Brag about those customers you work with who are pleased with your services! You’ve earned it. Include images or access to websites where your products and services are used by reputable clients and always share testimonials from your customers. This is easy to implement and a great way of showing guests that you are credible and worth investing time and money into.

 It takes a lot of work to properly prepare for a trade show and it can be a big investment for your business. You want the return on investment to be well worth the work.

Signarama has been helping companies maximize their exposure at trade shows and events for over 30 years. Along the way, we've learned a thing or two about the best ways to attract attention before the show, at the show, and after the show. Reach out to Signarama and we’ll make sure you are more than ready to attract attention with your trade show display.