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Signarama Toronto East makes Hustle

January 13, 2019 3:25 am

For the 2018 Grey Cup Gala, the Canadian Football League Creative Team required electrifying, eye-catching, bright and effective backdrop signage to be in line with their "HUSTLE" campaign.  The sign was to be a focal point for part of their award ceremony and for additional ad shots.  The challenge was innovative, creative sign for a high profile sports league on a major televised event and it all had to come together perfectly within a tight deadline....Game On!

After a few creative consultations, the final design was the word "HUSTLE" in a standalone channel letter format complete with bases standing at a height of 4'.  The twist is that they also had to have clear plexiglass faces to show the internal neon illumination.

Signarama was up to the challenge!  We even turned it up a notch!  Not only were we able to meet all the criteria, additionally, we were able to source an alternative to glass neon tubes, remotely change the colour and effects of the light but also made the letters versatile where they can be either stood on bases or hung from hardware installed on the back of the letters.  The design was approved and both the CFL and Signarama were excited to begin fabrication!

The bodies of the letters were made from brushed aluminum sheeting that was break-formed into shape with aluminum trim capping that was created using the same method.  The faces were 4mm thick clear acrylic that retained its protective film until the final stages.  On the back of the letters, channels were break formed and attached to be able to slip into the uprights of the base structures and housed moveable hinges for the option of hanging.

The illumination was achieved by using flexible LED tubing that catered to RGB color changing modules.  The LED housings were shaped like glass neon tubes and attached using copper wires, silicone, and industrial strength double-sided tape.  The LED transformer came complete with remote control.

The bases for the structures were made out of solid 1/4" thick aluminum with 2'' x 2'' metal uprights to house the letters.  Once all the letters were lined up and lit up...the results were fantastic and camera ready! The Canadian Football league creative team were clearly impressed.

The signage was crated onto skids and carted to Alberta for the big show!  The result was a unique sign that hit the mark on all ends, it was ideal for the motif of the gala giving off that neon light glow from the big cities.  The different light illumination formats added to the glitz and the brushed aluminum finish stayed true to the CFL branding.   It was a perfect backdrop celebrating a spectacular event that all Canadians are proud of! We want to thank the Canadian Football League creative team for giving us this opportunity to work with them.

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