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OCAD Gets Their New Neon Signs From Signarama Toronto

July 7, 2019 10:40 pm
Recently we have been working with OCAD on some real neon signage. We get many calls asking for Neon signs when people don’t really understand what neon is. The short explanation is, neon is a gas that is filled into glass tubing that is blown by heat bending the glass to the shape of the letter or font that we are using. After the bending of the glass, neon gas is filled and sealed into the bent glass and then the letters are connected together and electrified with high voltage to make them glow in those beautiful colours.
There is also what is commonly known as rope neon,  faux neon or LED neon which is alternative to real glass neon signs with both having their place in retail advertising.
The one highlighted here is real neon with the glass tubing.  The people at OCAD loved how their signs came out.
There’s nothing in my opinion as brilliant and as colourful as traditional neon. It’s an art that is coming back in a big way with designers and architects wanting to incorporate a retro look in their designs

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We at Sign A Rama design and produce a lot of neon signage and are very happy to be part of this increasingly growing trend. Our designers are fully capable of translating logos and branding graphics into Neon Sign applications

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