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Invest in Vehicle and Boat Graphics This Summer

July 16, 2019 10:40 pm

As temperatures increase, so the residents of Peterborough spend more time outdoors. Taking advantage of being one of Canada’s most walkable cities, pedestrians can take their time. Motorists need not stress as much about poor visibility, and boats along the Trent-Severn Waterway are out in full-force. No wonder summer is the perfect time to invest in vehicle and boat graphics.

Be Seen

Did you know that in days gone by Peterborough was nicknamed "The Electric City" because it was the first town in Canada to use electric streetlights? In this spirit, don't hide your light under a bushel, but rather use the increased exposure summer offers to promote your business.

High impact visuals identify your business to your future and existing clients.Vehicle graphics transform your vehicles and boats into attention-grabbing billboards on the move. Mobile advertising goes to the highest visibility and most trafficked areas of Peterborough, like the parkades, shopping malls, restaurants, motorways, side streets, canals and waterways.

The Perfect Match

Whether you are advertising a short-term campaign or long-term recognition, we’ve got a match for you:

  • You can advertise on all types of vehicles and in all sizes because our graphic decals easily adhere to your car, van, truck or boat. 

  • You can choose whether you want to take your signage on and off, or whether you wish to have it applied more permanently.

  • The digitally printed custom graphics can include photographs, full-colour logos and vehicle wraps.

  • Vehicle and boat signage demands attention – providing you with a lower cost per impression than any other form of advertising.

Signarama in Peterborough

As the largest sign franchise in the industry, it’s no surprise that Signarama, Peterborough offers you the latest in technology to ensure the best quality. And, we have a wide range of available materials to pick and choose from. For more information, contact us today.